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“James Talley has never budged an inch from being as real as real gets. He may write with a keen eye for how life is lived in the world now, but there is an infinite understanding for all that is underneath the obvious which the man captures like very few other songwriters can today. In so many ways, it feels like the real story of America is being offered on songs like “If We Could Love One Another,” “For Those Who Can’t,” “The Dreamer,” “In These Times” and all the others with a sure hand and soulful eye. For the ages.” – Bill Bentley – American Highways

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Nashville City Blues

Foreword by Peter Guralnick – An insider’s view of the country music industry, as told by one of America’s most respected folk talents For many diehard music fans and critics, Oklahoma-born James Talley ranks among the finest of American singer-songwriters. Talley’s unique style—a blend of folk, country, blues, and social commentary—draws comparisons with the likes of Woody Guthrie, Merle Haggard, and Johnny Cash. In this engaging, down-to-earth memoir, Talley recalls the highs and lows of his nearly fifty-year career in country music. Talley’s story begins in the hardscrabble towns of eastern Oklahoma. As a young man, he witnessed poverty and despair and worked alongside ordinary Americans who struggled to make ends meet. He has never forgotten his Oklahoma roots. These experiences shaped Talley’s artistic vision and inspired him to write his own songs. Eventually Talley landed in Nashville, where his first years included exciting brushes with fame but also bitter disappointments. As an early champion of social justice causes, his ideals did not fit neatly into Nashville’s star-making machine. By his own admission, Talley at times made poor business decisions and trusted the wrong people. His relationship with the country music industry was—and still is—fraught, but he makes no apology for staying true to his core principles. Nashville City Blues offers hard-won wisdom for any aspiring artist motivated to work hard and handle whatever setbacks might follow. Readers will also gain valuable understanding about the country music industry and the inescapable links between commerce and artistry.

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The Road to Torreon

A powerful collaboration of music and photography, The Road to Torreon takes you through a saga of life and death in New Mexico. Photography by Cavalliere Ketchum.

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