Bandits, Ballads and Blues

PURCHASE – Bill Bentley

“James Talley has never budged an inch from being as real as real gets. He may write with a keen eye for how life is lived in the world now, but there is an infinite understanding for all that is underneath the obvious which the man captures like very few other songwriters can today. In so many ways, it feels like the real story of America is being offered on songs like “If We Could Love One Another,” “For Those Who Can’t,” “The Dreamer,” “In These Times” and all the others with a sure hand and soulful eye. For the ages.”

  • Cimarron Records – Release date January 10, 2024
  • Cimarron Records Catalog Number CIM1015
  • Produced by Dave Pomeroy
  • Recorded at The Sound Emporium
  • All Songs by James Talley – Hardit Songs (ASCAP)